Site Audit Management

Regardless of their size, businesses have the need to conduct internal and external audits, often at different sites or with many suppliers or contractors. It can become tedious and complex when attempting to manage this manually. The MOBIÖM site management feature solves this problem.

Mobiöm’s database can store all the necessary details about a site location and contact details, size, the number of employees, previous audits, the next audit dates, etc. These details carry through to the audit activity, where the auditor has access to all the details, without wasting time retyping or re-entering data when completing checklists and reports.

The site management feature in Mobiöm allows sites to be categorised based on industry type, site type and whether the site is external or internal. An authorised user can search for a specific audit site by any of these parameters. This allows for efficient management and scheduling of audits in a similar location, or for reporting on similar industries or site types.

Benefits of Site Management

  • Site details entered once, but available at any stage of the audit or reporting
  • Smart categorisation of audit sites
  • Effortless site searches based on any one attribute