Library Of Essential Inspection Checklists

MOBIÖM goes beyond audits with the Inspection Checklist feature. Some businesses need to schedule just a checklist to be completed rather than a full audit, such as a daily housekeeping check, or an end of the week check. Smart checklists can be scheduled and completed on the MOBIÖM iPad or Android app without the need to re-enter information about a site that MOBIÖM already knows.

MOBIÖM audit management system provides an extensive checklist library. The checklists are designed to efficiently combine several checklists into one. They are represented separately in reports.

Checklist management also has been streamlined by MOBIÖM. Tasks such as adding new inspection questions, adding a new question section, rearranging the question order and adding new versions of checklists are all made simple.

Benefits of Inspection Checklist Library

  • Automates inspections that can be completed using the MOBIÖM app
  • Combines several checklists into one if needed
  • Streamlines checklist completion
  • Checklists can be completed when connected to the internet or offline for later synchronisation