Schedule Audit Requests On The Go

Keeping track of audits through spreadsheets and emails becomes cumbersome for businesses. The Audit Request Scheduling feature the MOBIÖM audit management system provides a structured solution to this problem.

This feature incorporates customisation of the audit type, audit duration by start and end dates, and the choice of the question set. Where an audit requires more than one type of assessment type, multiple question sets can be selected to combine the question into a single question set. This assists the auditor and saves time by allowing them to have one combined question set for all areas of the audit so nothing is forgotten or doubled up. For reports, the individual question sets can be split out again.

MOBIÖM automatically ranks the most competent auditor to an audit request using the auditor qualifications and specialisation of industry type. An audit can be scheduled to start on a specific date or using the auto rescheduling feature, audit requests can be planned for the future, from hourly to a once every 3 year frequency.

MOBIÖM audit management system enables organisation managers to efficiently request, schedule and track the status of an audit.

Advantages of audit request scheduling

  • Automates audit request management
  • Customised question sets
  • Managing multiple audit question sets in one audit activity
  • Smart auditor allocation based on qualifications
  • Assign audit frequency as required