Availability Of Essential Inspection Checklists

We are aware of the struggles of conducting audits and inspections with papers. Some industries, for example- food industry, even require hourly inspections. It’s a nightmare to fill all the details repetitively. But imagine having smart checklists which can be completed using iPad and Android apps, and already contain necessary static information about a site.

Mobiöm audit management system provides extensive checklist repository. The checklists are coherently designed and can combine similar questions for input. They are represented separately in reports. The auditors need not fill similar details repeatedly.

Checklists management also has been streamlined by Mobiöm. Tasks like adding inspection questions, adding a new section etc. are also made simple for organisation managers.

Benefits of Inspection Checklist Repository

  • Automates inspections to be conducted through apps
  • Combines similar questions for input
  • Streamlines checklist completion
  • Checklists can be completed offline

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