Manage Details and Audits of a Company

Managing all of the audit types including internal, external, and contract audits has become quite a task for many companies. MOBIÖM makes this easy, using the Audit Company Management feature, allowing each audit company to separately log into the system, to manage their auditors and audit activities.

MOBIÖM allows you to set and manage individual audit suppliers with name and address, and company logo. Audit companies can be searched by name or location. Integrity is built in, with access levels can be controlled to ensure each audit company only has access to items that have been allocated to them.

An Audit Manager associated with an audit company can add auditors and link auditors with an industry type and site type. This ensures that auditors are matched based on auditors’ qualifications to industry, site and checklist types when allocating an audit activity request.

MOBIÖM includes an illustrative layout to display for quick and easy view of the of an audit company details including the audit request schedule, the status of any audit activity, etc.

Benefits of Audit Company Management

  • Easy to collect and manage audit company details
  • Supports addition of internal auditors and generation of credentials
  • Helps with a smart allocation of auditors
  • Illustrative representation of audit requests and activities