Efficiently Identify Trends and Manage Risks

Manual audit reports and individual spreadsheet files are a cumbersome way of managing continuous improvement.Information is power, and MOBIÖM is packed with reporting features such as dashboards, customisable report searches. Reports are even available to download in a spreadsheet for further analysis or PDF format for email.

Reports can help in identifying trends by selecting industry and site types, users can produce reports such as non-conformance types over a given time period, by industry or by site. Trend reports can help spot trends, identify repeated issues, target improvements where resources are most needed.

Since MOBIÖM audit management system is cloud-based, reports can be viewed in any browser. The MOBIÖM audit app also incorporates progress graphs, to assist the auditor track their progress through the audit, remain focused, and complete the audit on time.

Benefits of Advanced Reporting

  • Reports dashboard to categorise and view reports
  • Transforms completed checklists into powerful reports
  • Reports are secured by role-based access
  • Export reports in PDF or spreadsheet