Easily Manage Non-Compliance and Corrective Action

Once an audit is over, there is often the difficult job of managing, following up and closing out of issues raised during the audit.

MOBIÖM audit management system has brought an impressive solution to this problem. The system tracks non-conformances from the instant the auditor classifies a finding during the audit, without the need to re-enter them after the report is completed, and continues to track them right through to closure. Non-conformances can be classified according to severity, and timeframe for completion tracked and reported and displayed on the MOBIÖM dashboard.

MOBIÖM allows sites to enter their own corrective action directly, and the management of each stage of the audit workflow and each stage is backed by evidence, including attachments such as photographs or documents.

Corrective actions taken are tracked through for approval by the audit approver. The approver can approve the non-conformance response or ask for further information or corrective actions as necessary. Approved non-conformances are closed, but remain as a record and can provide powerful information on issue trends against a site or an industry type.

Advantages of non-conformance workflow

  • Workflow management from the audit through to closure.
  • Comprehensive investigation of every non-conformance issue
  • Classification of non-conformance severity
  • Allows for the upload of corrective action evidence