Easily Book and Track Audit Resources

Conducting an audit requires many resources to be booked in advance. Manually keeping a record of all these resources can become cumbersome. Mobiöm assists by efficiently keeping track of all audit resources, bookings, travel arrangements and so on..

With audit booking management in Mobiöm, authorised users can manage the records for all bookings. Audit bookings can be anything right from office stationary to hotel bookings for an auditor, airline itineraries, car rentals, etc.

MOBIÖM allows the upload of documents and records right into the audit activity, so all of the information needed is in one place. This assists the auditor with their arrangements but is also extremely useful for tracking audit expenses and chargeable items.

Benefits of Audit Resources Booking Management

  • Track and manage audit resources
  • All accessible in the one place
  • Upload documents supporting audit resources and expenses
  • Better accounting of audit resources and expenses